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The Lives We Impact

“My community doesn't have easy access to the water we need to sustain ourselves, our crops and our animals. We are really excited to be working with BACCA to dig wells, install pumps, and plumbing which will help with irrigation and make a huge difference for us!"


Jorge Luis Torres (Pichi),

Resident of Corcovado, Granma  Cuba

"My travels to Cuba were both life-altering and mind-opening. An opportunity to go to Cuba and volunteer does not come about every day and rarely are you able to travel and live among the local people.  As a Permaculturalist it was a dream come true to practice natural building in Cuba and see firsthand, real people living extremely sustainable lifestyles and utilizing every resource available!  I found that although the Cuban people have very little, they are rich with a beautiful culture and vibrant spirit – a people so full of love and laughter it’s overwhelming.  I hope to return to Nuevo Mundo again and reunite with my friends who took me in as family with no questions asked."


Renee' Kerson

BACCA"s Permaculture Design Consultant, and volunteer

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​​Join us in ​support of friendship, sustainability, and development for rural Cuban communities by participating in our unique People to People travel programs. Experience the incredible Expanse of Cuba beyond Havana through a dynamic exploration of Cuban history, organic agriculture, ecology, cuisine, art, Folk culture, music and much more!

travel to the heart and soul of Cuba.

BACCA CUba ExpeditionSantiago, Pilon, Nuevo Mundo, Trinidad, Havana, Cuba. 

h20 Open Doors Solar Water Filtration System Cuba Expedition

Nuevo Mundo & Corcovado, Cuba.

​Irrigation system for Nuevo Mundo

Super Adobe Water Storage Cistern Project & Community Potable Water Project, Nuevo Mundo, Cuba. 


Community HOSTEL Project, Nuevo Mundo, Cuba.