I was born on December 1, 1974, and live in the small rural community of Corcovado, in the county of Pilon, Province of Granma, Cuba. The son of a humble family, my parents divorced when I was very small, but thanks to the character of my mother and the benefits of the educational system in my country, I could continue my studies through primary, junior high, high school, and finally college, where I graduated with a Bachelors of Socio-Cultural Studies. I have a little two-year old daughter, Paulina Rubio Neck, who is my life.

I am currently a teacher at a polytechnic center in the north of the county, 12 kilometers from the community where I live, from which I travel daily, on the one public bus. As well as the current Delegate of the communties of Corvodo, Nuevo Mundo, and Las Vispas. My community consists of a small rural area of ​​only 587 inhabitants where the main economic activity is agriculture, with various crops and livestock, organized in small producers grouped into a main cooperative. We are located southwest of the county of Pilon. We have an elementary school, a family medical clinic, a wine cellar, a community store, market, and TV room. We also have local cultural and sports personnel. 

Access to clean water, and lack of communications are fundamental problems in my community, because the road leading our colonies is in very bad conditions. We also suffer due to lack of employment opportunities resulting from the absence of industry and factories. Because of these circumstances, young graduates are forced to migrate elsewhere.

 I have known Nina and Felix for several years, and am now working with BACCA in order to support my community to solve the water problems as well as encourage the empowerment of our youth. We work to manifest these positive changes so that my community, and our children can have a better future.



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Niover Lazaro Rubio Rivero