Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance


501(c)3 Non-profit Organization, Founded: 2012

Co-Director /Co-Founder:Paul Basker

Areas of Expertise: Business and Construction Management


Who is   Bay Area  Cuba Community  Alliance?

BACCA is a Cuban-American family-run 501(c)3 non profit organization based in Northern California. We work actively to provide humanitarian support for rural communities in Southeastern Cuba. By means of ongoing collaboration with local leaders and community-lead grass-roots projects, we focus on fostering community empowerment through sustainable economic development and guidance for micro-business growth, as well as organic agriculture, education, informational resources, sustainable building techniques and invaluable basic infrastructure development such as irrigation and potable water. Our organization is also focused on supporting women and youth through training, education, and the arts, as well as the collaborative preservation of a rich folk heritage within these unique communities. 

We fund our humanitarian work in Cuba through proceeds from our unique Heart & Soul of Cuba Travel Adventures,  Our programs involve trip participants in authentic and meaningful journeys through less traversed areas of Cuba. As US travel restrictions evolve, the possibility of legal travel to Cuba has brought a fresh influx of tourism to the island. While tours are often centered around the country's magnetic capital, there is a vast and beautiful island to explore beyond Havana! Our programs expose travelers to the splendor and diversity of a lesser-known Cuba.  Travel with BACCA and support the Cuban People directly through your participation in our programs while simultaneously experiencing the joy of adventure, connection, and friendship with the island's incredible, open-hearted, and resilient communities. Travel with purpose! 

The site of our current focus is the rural village of Nuevo Mundo, located in an isolated valley within the province of Granma in the foothills of the Sierra Maestra Mountains of Southeastern Cuba. BACCA collaborates with members of this and neighboring communities in the area to carry out projects aimed to create simple but fundamental changes towards the improvement of local conditions and provide the community with the encouragement and resources to sustain these improvements into the future. Specific projects include a Super Adobe Earth Bag Training Center and the long-term construction and development of a small scale eco-village and visitor center in Nuevo Mundo. To read more about this specific eco-project, please visit: Most importantly, we are currently installing solar irrigation and water filtration systems for the valley's numerous family farms. These projects are of crucial as lack of water infrastructure is the biggest fundamental impediment towards sustainable economic growth within these communities. 

Co-Director/Founder, USA

​Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance


C0-Founder & Co-Director:

 Felix Torres Chaviano


Areas of expertise: 

Wood-carving & sculpture, art education, yoga, meditation, leadership, culture preservation, community 

empowerment & outreach, ecology, farming, Afro-Cuban spirituality, 

Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance


Co-Founder, C0-Director, Treasurer: 

Nina Rose Basker


Areas of expertise: 

Youth & community/family oriented arts education, inquiry/process based early childhood education, art & film, organization/leadership, writing, design, women's health

Co-Director/Founder, USA

Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance


Project Manager & Community Liaison, Cuba:

Bernardo Pitaluga Alvarez


Areas of Expertise: 

Percussion & Musicology, Theater/Performance Arts & Education, film/photography, cultural preservation, community advocacy

Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance, Cuba Travel, Non Profit Organzation


Founded: 2012

Owner: Nina Rose Basker


Areas of expertise: 
Philanthropy, fundraising, arts

Project Manager, Cuba

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Our long-term goal for Nuevo Mundo involves the development of a cooperative community-run eco-village, using Super-Adobe Earth Bag Construction to build a number of hospitable eco-dome cottages. Visiting groups, families, and individuals will be encouraged during their stay to actively immerse themselves and participate in local farming practices, carpentry, cooking, artisanal crafts, myriad folk customs and traditions, animal husbandry, & more. Click here for more info. 

In April, 2016 BACCA will be leading an expedition in collaboration with local non-profit organization H20 Open Doors, to install a SunSpring Solar Water filtration system in a public well in Nuevo Mundo. Click here for more info about this project.

Solar Irrigation System Install, Nuevo Mundo

Community Hostel

Project, Nuevo Mundo

Giganteria Theatre Arts Collective, Havana~Nuevo Mundo 

In 2014 BACCA completed the construction of a Super Adobe Earth Bag Water Storage Cistern from which water is now being pumped and filtered for the community. Click here for more info about this project.

BACCA Community Liaison & Delegate of the Colonies of Corcovado, Las Vispas, and Nuevo Mundo: Niover Lazaro Rubio Rivero, 

Areas of Expertise: Socio-Cultural Studies, Community Advocacy

Site Updated  February 3, 2016

In 2011 BACCA began the construction of a hostel where guests and friends now stay when visiting the area. Click here for more information and pictures of this project, which include a cobb bathroom as well as a Super-Adobe Earth Bag Cistern, in which we installed a solar water pump and filter for the community in 2014. 

Super-Adobe Cistern & Water Pump/Filter INstall, Nuevo Mundo​​

Giganteria is an autonomous Theatre Arts Collective based in Havana. The group's creative experience is a 

contemporary reference to the traditions that are rooted in Cuba over many centuries, such as stilt walking and public interactive performance: The group has travelled on various occasions and in diverse manifestations to visit, perform, and collaborate with Nuevo Mundo, neighboring communities, & principally, with the area's youth. Click  here for more information about Giganteria. 

Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance

Ecolonia EcoVillage Project, Nuevo Mundo

In April, 2016, BACCA will be importing to Cuba, a high capacity solar-powered submersible Lorenze water pump for irrigation in the Nuevo Mundo Valley. Click here for more information about this project.