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Copyright 2013. Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance. All Rights Reserved.

Site Updated  February  3, 2016

Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance is a California Public Benefit Corporation tax exempt under California Law and Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. BACCA is dedicated to ongoing humanitarian work in Cuba. We provide resources and training in ecologically oriented arenas, support the development of sustainable economic growth through local micro-business, organic farming practices, the installation of basic infrastructure, and the preservation of local culture and traditions. Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance was founded by Nina Basker and Felix Torres Chaviano in 2012, but the community work we have been doing in Cuba began 2 decades years ago.

Your contributions to Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance help to support our work in Cuba. We pay all of our overhead out-of-pocket, and all our work is volunteer based as we don't have paid administrative staff  (though we do send a minimal monthly stipend to our Cuban project manager, Bernardo Pitaluga Alvarez for his work and valuable collaboration in our projects). 

100% of your donation as well as all proceeds from our travel programs go


towards our projects in Cuba!