From Roberto Salas

(Director of Giganteria)

"I understand the relationship between Gigantaria, Nuevo Mundo, and BACCA as three things:

One: As a communal social space with which we will interact through the practice of street theatre: [in ENM] Our collective would explore and develop a creative process through informative presentations and workshops regarding specific materials common to our theatre work. Lastly, we would familiarize ourselves with the local communities through creative dialogue and cooperation.

Two: As an enclave for a heterogeneous and diverse artistic community: A physical space where the optimal rustic conditions exist for us to develop our work, and for the sharing and cohabitation of numerous creative collectives, people, or groups interested and ready to interact with the community in an ecologically sustainable manner. [ENM would ideally contain] An alternative cultural center, stage, sleeping quarters, creative arts workshops, ovens, vegetable gardens, Bee hives. A space for our group to return in order to work on itself, through interaction, cohabitation, and work within our community of neighbors. 

Three: As an act of collective physcomagic!!!!! A temple for artists to meditate in the heart of the Sierra Maestra Mountains." 

Giganteria in

Nuevo Mundo

Members of Giganteria have been going to Nuevo Mundo for the past 20 years and are very connected with the community in that area.In 2012 they were provided with a bus by the Cuban gov’t in order to go as a group to NM. They were able to bring all their performance gear, as well as tree saplings and water tanks for Poto’s land. They stayed in the guesthouse we built the previous year. Over the course of two weeks they held five performances for the children and residents of the colonies, all of which were met with much enthusiasm and numerous requests for their prompt return. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened in the community.

The kids were thrilled. ​ 


About Gigantería Ambulante


Giganteria Ambulante is a continually evolving street theatre arts collective from Havana that is actively involved in BACCA's ongoing projects in Nuevo Mundo, Cuba. The group's creative experience is a contemporary reference to the traditions that are rooted in Cuba over many centuries past: The stilts that were brought from Africa, the  street conga, the  presence of fantastical characters in public spaces, the custom of asking for contributions from observers, and bringing to life dolls and puppets of large dimensions. Giganteria's work dialogs with the history of Cuban theater, which was  born in its streets. 


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