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BACCA arrived in January 2011 to Poto's Farm, in Nuevo Mundo and were joined by Oscar de la Torre, a founding member of Giganteria Ambulate, Renee Kerson, a Permaculture Design consultant, and a good friend and enthusiastic volunteer Olivia Garriga.

Our work and presence drew a number of residents from Corcovado, the nearest colony to Nuevo Mundo, who came every day until we left, to work on the various projects, keep us company, and serenade us with guitar ballads during our lunch breaks. In just under two months we designed and constructed a cobb bathroom (sand, clay, earth, water, straw mixture) and a guesthouse for visitors. We built the house using nearly one hundred percent local reclaimed materials. We spent hours removing and straitening old nails, and had the indispensible help of a few extremely inventive and skilled local carpenters, who managed to build the entire house using a machete, hammer, hand saw, and a power drill. The outdoor kitchen, cobb oven, adobe floor, garden terracing, and well are works in progress. 

The hostel has since hosted a number of friends and visitors.


Community Hostel Project, Nuevo Mundo, January-March 2011