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Site Updated  February 3, 2016

SuperAdobe EarthBag Training Center

Inexpensive, efficient, community oriented, and similar to current construction methods on the island, SuperAdobe Construction is 

perfectly suited to Cuba. This technology is being used internationally,replaces expensive cement blocks with accessible renewable resources, and requires only a small team of people to build a functional and hospitable dwelling in a short amount of time. Super Adobe dwellings are very sturdy, world wide, this technology has held up amazingly well under severe weather conditions and can even withstand major earthquakes such as the 2015, 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal. On occasion, the eastern regions of Cuba experience destructive hurricanes as well as earthquakes, so this is an important factor. Many of the homes in and around Nuevo Mundo were destroyed in the early 2000's by a major hurricane that hit the region. Dwellings made from Super-Adobe would survive these kinds of natural disastors, and this is especially important now, as extreme weather patterns are becoming more and more frequent due to climate change.   

Furthermore, SuperAdobe blends efficiency and strength with 

creativity and imagination. Dwellings blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.  We look forward to continuing to utilize this technique on our long and short-term projects in Cuba and to the continual process of training Cubans in SuperAdobe Construction methods. Eventually, BACCA aims to create a training center in Nuevo Mundo in conjunction with the Eco-Retreat Visitors Center to which people from other areas of Cuba can stay and learn this technique to use in their own projects in other provinces. of the Island!